Second Check-in

Workshop Make-up:

Establish an option for participants that missed the Prototyping Workshop. 

  • No make-up available, all the resources put in the recap email from the workshop
  • Arrange make-up event (on-site) within one week of the prototyping workshop


Have a check-in every week following the Prototyping Workshop until the Storytelling Workshop. 


Host Weekly Check-ins over lunch

  • Send out a calendar invite the Friday before the scheduled date for the check-in  
  • Reserve a room on-site
  • Order food 
  • Prep questions for participants to discuss during the check-in:
    • What are highs/low from the last week?
    • What are you looking forward to?
    • What steps have you taken to prototype your leap?
    • How have you been capturing your prototypes?
  • Have a facilitator for the check-in

Weekly Emails

  •  Send an email on Monday:
    • recap conversations and update the cohort on any information shared during the weekly lunches
    • add a piece of encouragement

Keep Tabs on Participants

  • If you haven't seen or heard from a participant. Follow up with that participant to make sure they still want to participate in the program