Community Building

We define Community Building as the ability to identify key individuals in your life and work, and to invite them into the creation and building of a new idea. Most people are connected to a rich network of friends, family, experts and potential mentors, but relatively few are used to cultivating this community in a deliberate way as a resource to accomplish goals. Through work in Leap Semesters, you’ll develop deliberate practices around identifying a community of support and inviting those people into your projects. You’ll also become much more attuned to how you can play supportive roles in others’ projects and ideas, and be an asset to any team or company that wants to grow.

You’ll be better able to:

+ Take risks and engage in independent exploration.

+ Identify and connect with new people around shared ideas and values.

+ Take responsibility to ask for what you need from others and from your community.

+ Give without expecting in return, and to give more than you get from others… moving from transactional thinking to gift-centered thinking

+ Artfully identify and offer to help address the needs of others in order to quickly become a contributing and valuable member of a team. Said another way, naturally able to “show up and make yourself useful.”


sarah longworth