Launch Night Event


Market the event 1 week prior to event.

Gather materials 1 day before event.

Leap statement is due 1 week after the event.


Prep for the Event

  • Find a location/space (ideally outside of the office) for the event to take place
  • Email the cohort about the event details (location, time) 
  • Order food for the event
  • Arrange for documentation of the event
    • Book photographer / Have someone willing to photograph the experience
  • Get materials
  • Review and adapt the agenda as necessary
  • Review and adapt the slide deck as necessary

Run the Event

  • Facilitate the experience (create document about Ei's philosophy on this experience)

Follow up

  • Send recap email of the event and what was learned
  • Create a form for participants to submit their leap statement
  • Send a reminder email 1 day before leap statement submissions are due