Learning & Outcomes


Skills that never expire

You’ll learn processes that challenge you personally and professionally and are applicable within any industry. These include: Self-Awareness, Storytelling, Design Thinking, & Community Building.


Projects that make a difference

If you join any of Ei's programs, you'll dive into real-world projects, learning practical processes for discovering solutions in day-to-day situations.                                                                                                 


Bright and caring community

You’ll connect with bright, like-minded peers – the kind of people who'll be friends well beyond you finish. And you’ll work alongside talented instructors and coaches who've excelled in the areas of business, design, technology, and social change.


Experiences that will build your portfolio

If you're a college student, you'll be apprenticing with one our Host Companies in one of twelve cities. And if you're a career professional, you'll be guided through a process of designing and completing your own project (aka: Leap). In other words, get ready to be on the move!