Leap Stories

A Jeweler's Apprentice

Maria's Leap wasn't easy. The tools were unfamiliar, she cut herself frequently enough, and balancing a full family at home is no easy task. Maria's Leap is incredible because of the skill she learned, the resilience she discovered, and the story she's now able to tell.

Re-dsesigning Onboarding

When Brittany started working for her company, she saw a challenge. Rather than let it slide or just live with it, she took a Leap and prototyped a solution that was equal parts creative and delightful. It caught the attention of leadership and now she's helping leadership implement elements of her idea.

Technician to Artist

Russel's Leap impacted more than his creativity - his abilities directly impacted client-facing work. Russel's experience beautifully showcases how a Leap can be a personal passion project and an opportunity for professional development.