For the student who learns by doing...

Experience Institute hosts two primary programs for college and graduate level students:


Leap Semester

You're in college and want experience outside of the classroom. You're thinking about an internship or study abroad, but you need something different. You learn by doing and want meaningful projects, to meet brilliant people, and gain timeless skills. This semester will provide you with an opportunity to study abroad, work at a startup, and earn a full semester of credit.

Leap Year

You're a career professional or recent college graduate. You want to continue learning through real-world experience and hone your skills. Through apprenticeships, self-guided projects, meetups, and coaching, you'll have a space within higher education that helps you build creative confidence, agency, and a compelling portfolio.


For the company reimagining learning...

We bring experiential learning to the workplace. Our Fellows can tackle an array of projects ranging from business design and development to content creation and delivery. We also host collaborative workshops and trainings for teams of all shapes and sizes. 


Become a Host company

Ei Host Companies serve as the classrooms for bright, innovative self-starters. Hosts are vetted and supported by great people who understand Ei’s philosophy and goals, making for a unique, enriching experience.                            

Exec Ed | Learning Leaps

Learning Leaps is a 60-day professional development program for employees to design their own project rooted in a curiosity or skill set they hope to pursue. The program is embedded in your company and fosters a culture of growth & innovation.