Market the program 4 weeks prior to Launch Night. 

Have applications due 2 weeks prior to Launch Night.

Make decisions on cohort and announce them 1 week prior to Launch Night. 


Create Application

Digital Marketing

  •  Company email sent with information about the program
  •  Add content about the program in company newsletter
  •  Run a video about the program on tv screens in the office
  •  Send around a one-pager about the program and link to the application

In-Person Marketing

  •  Provide management and department leads with information on the program to share with their team
  •  Allow past leapers (if the program has been run before) to share their stories with other employees in the same department 
  •  Host “Lunch & Learns” for interested employees to learn about the program through an informal lunch meeting

Promote Storytelling Night (if another cohort of the program getting ready to finish)

  •  Create materials for promoting the Storytelling Night event 

Select Participants

  • Send list of applicants to Talent Managers to screen for employees they don’t think should be in the cohort

  • Select based on these criteria:

    • Create a cohort size (15-25 ideal)

    • If have to reject anyone, look to create a cohort drawn from wide range of departments and experience level in company

    • Choose people who seem most invested in and committed to the process

  • Send out the participant agreement

Pre-Program Survey