When building curriculum, what's the right balance between providing enough for the teacher to be successful, and leaving things open so the teacher is structuring his/her own projects?

This is a question I've wrestled with for 10 years. My assumption is that the most empowering and long-lasting work I can do is to provide a framework and support that helps other teachers build their own projects. That's the ideal. 

That said, Design Thinking will most likely be completely new (except for our 3-day Intro workshop) for the Beavercreek Design Thinking elective teachers. They'll also be inheriting new design labs, labs that the district hopes other teachers and after-school programs will also utilize. The teachers will have to create and manage the systems that allow the labs to run smoothly. With so many new variables, it feels like we'll need to build toward the ideal, rather than start there. 

How did you learn to facilitate Design Thinking? How and when did you start to build your own projects? What was that process like? What were the most helpful supports to you along the way? 

Victor Saad