"To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together."  -- African Proverb

Since last fall, we’ve led six Intro to Design Thinking workshops through a Race to the Top grant in Kentucky focused on using DT to tackle organizational challenges. In April I led a two-day planning session with five local leaders from the grant to design a workshop to help teachers facilitate the process with their students.

Designing a workshop for teachers is something I could have done internally in less time, but their goal with this grant is to not only bring in K12 Design Thinking expertise, but to develop it among their own staff. Smart. It’s a goal lots of people say they have, but one that very few commit the necessary resources to accomplish.

Over the course of two days, we developed a better agenda than I would have created on my own - better because it was informed by their knowledge of local teachers and resources, and because it resulted in greater investment and know-how on their part.

A couple of weeks ago, we used that agenda to co-facilitate the new workshop for our first group of teachers. They left at the end of the day with concrete ideas to try out with their students this fall.

Photo: KY teachers prototyping a kiosk to improve the car maintenance experience.

Victor Saad